Director   Violet Smith
Phone:   419-531-3242

The Friendship Baptist Church Stewardship Ministry's mission is to challenge each person to be a steward of the bounties and resources entrusted to them and to glorify God by making the best use of our resources so we can serve the Lord with Excellence and passion. The Stewardship Ministry develops and implements initiatives that will: first, encourage each and every member of our congregation to offer Time, Talent and Treasure in thanksgiving and tot he glory of God; and second, increase the congregations understanding and support of the service and financial obligations of FBC.

Stewardship Ministries:
•   Finance Ministry
•   Building & Grounds

Finance Ministry

Mission Statement:   To move the ministry of Friendship Baptist Church to a 'debt free' status culminating in the will of God

Vision Statement:   To display financial stewardship and leadership derived from Biblical principles and financial models, which enable the ministries of Friendship Baptist Church to fulfill their missions in a process that will maximize the glory of God.

Ministry Description:  The Finance Ministry has been entrusted with the responsibility to count and deposit all offerings, pay all church obligations while maintaining an effective internal control system that provides excellent stewardship over church resources.

Meets:   Meetings are held once a month; Day T.B.D.
Core Leader:   Director Violet Smith
1st Assistants:    


Building & Grounds                                                                  

Mission Statement:   To oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of the Friendship Baptist Church, and to ensure that the church is operating at an optimal level.

Vision Statement:   Seeing that all things are being done decently and in order, while providing an edifice (building) that ministers to the total man. (1 Corinthians 14:40)

Ministry Description: Buildings & Grounds: Oversees that the building and grounds are kept in order according to the church Policy & Procedures.

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