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Posted on 12/24/2015 • Crisis
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My relative met a man online a few years ago and this man has brought a lot of bad changes in her. He emotionally, mentally, and verbally abused her. He has done things to hurt her financially because he likes to see her beg him. He pitted her against her sister when they were caring for their extremely sick mother. This man likes to play innocent but he is not. He knew what he was doing.

My relative thanked God he didn't let her marry him and she admitted this man was a sexual deviant into porn but possibly other things. Now she wants to marry this man again for his money. I pray God never allows this not only because she thanked God for not letting her marry this evil perverse man but because she knows this man is no good. She knows he likes to see her beg him he likes to put her down mentally and emotionally. I also pray for the hurt, pain and destruction he brought to her mother, her sister and other family members that this evil man not be allowed to take root at all in this family. He only wants my relative to take care of him and once again it is to use her and she is foolishly willing to do it for money and his status.

Posted on 12/24/2015 • Love
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I pray God will bless my sister C. with an educated god fearing black man to marry like he has promised to bless me with. My sister reads a website that has a lot of hateful post on it about other women's dating expriences and she is internalizing this even though she has never dated. She has tried to pick a man herself and he had been married 4 times. This man was no marriage material. And now she tries to say she can't find a mate which is a lie. She is discouraged because she tried to pick one herself. My sister is a christian but for some reason she is having problems with faith in this department. I ask you pray with me for God to bring my sister a suitable mate that is black like we are. She said she wants a black mate and family but she isn't trusting in God. She is older and feels impatient and wants to have children also someday. Please pray with me God will bless C. with a Black godly husband.

Kenyana B.
Posted on 7/20/2015 • General
3 prayers
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Yes. I am a 28 year old African american woman dealing with HIV. For the last couple years upon receiving my condition I've been trying to my faith keep.I feel like I'm in astrong spiritual battle. Feeling like my circumstance is true. I praise the Lord. But I'm surrounded by everything trying to tell me I cannot nor am a child of God keeping the faith and believing God is able to do all things but fail. My prayer is I never give up.

Posted on 4/12/2015 • Depression
5 prayers
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Please pray for my family we've been going through a very hard time my mom has been sick and Ive been feeling so lower than low I've been looking for job and I just need some pray please and thank you.

Robin G.
Posted on 11/23/2014 • Love
6 prayers
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Please pray for my family and I to be on one accord as we continue to take care of our loved one who is terminally ill.
I am unable to attend Sunday Service or Weekly Bible Study as well as I had to stop doing my ministry rehearsal because I must be home to care for my ill loved one. I miss being in fellowship, and with the members of the church and being present to hear the message God speaks through our Pastor Bishop Tisdale . Please join me in prayer for peace, a united front of God, no division in my family, excellent health, and strength for my family members and I as we continue to take of our terminally- ill loved one at home. Thank you . God bless you ! Robin G-T.

Mesha B.
Posted on 11/16/2014 • Parenthood
4 prayers
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Please pray for my son Sean J. and I he has been in streets involved in gang activities and now has been shot in both thighs due to this. His attitude towards me and others are very evil when things are not going his way. Please pray. Thank you Mesha B.

Cheryl W.
Posted on 8/3/2014 • General
6 prayers
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Please pray for my Children and my sister's and brother's, for salvation and deliverance. Myself increase in my finances and start a new career away from my job. Thank you .Cheryl

Jane D.
Posted on 6/6/2014 • Parenthood
8 prayers
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Please pray for my marriage and children.